Monday, 16 March 2009

Facebook, Robots and a new bracelet

Just a quick little blog before tea and the Gadget Show. Speaking of gadgets have you seen the new lifesized robot that has been unveiled in Japan today. You can see it, sorry her, here. She even has expressions and can be yours for just 200 000 dollars.
I've just spent far too long trying to start a fan page on Facebook, I finally got there in the end though and managed to upload some past and present jewellery pics. Not sure how useful it'll be but hey it's worth a try.
I've just added a new charm bracelet to Etsy. I love making them and playing about deciding which beads to add. I've called this one 'In the Pink'. I used to absolutely hate pink when I was little now I love it.

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the 6 o'clock stitch said...

It's so nice to meet you! Thank you for introducing yourself in the forums!