Monday, 16 March 2009

Facebook, Robots and a new bracelet

Just a quick little blog before tea and the Gadget Show. Speaking of gadgets have you seen the new lifesized robot that has been unveiled in Japan today. You can see it, sorry her, here. She even has expressions and can be yours for just 200 000 dollars.
I've just spent far too long trying to start a fan page on Facebook, I finally got there in the end though and managed to upload some past and present jewellery pics. Not sure how useful it'll be but hey it's worth a try.
I've just added a new charm bracelet to Etsy. I love making them and playing about deciding which beads to add. I've called this one 'In the Pink'. I used to absolutely hate pink when I was little now I love it.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Great North Run and Badges

I've got tired legs today, I used to run a lot when I was younger andhave always been fairly active but over the last year or so I've become pretty lazy. I've decided it's time to get moving again and as an incentive I've entered the Great North Run, so to save myself embarassment I need to get fit. I'm only going out three or four times a week at present, but I plug myself into my ipod and trundle off and i'm actually really enjoying it. It makes me feel more awake and just a lot better in general, not sure I'll be saying that after a 13 mile race but I've got 6 months to build up to it.

I've spent far too long on Etsy this evening. I love gemstone jewellery and jdgemsnd has some beautiful pieces. Despite being sidetracked I managed to list a few of my own bits including this resin bead charm style bracelet. It's quite simple but I love the colours.

I also played about with some badges the other day and came up with this bracelet, not too sure if it works yet though, may need some tweaking.
I'm going to make myself a chai latte and toddle off to bed for a bit read. I've just started A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini author of The Kite Runner. I'm really enjoying it so far, he's an excellent author, and describes his characters well so you can really empathise with them.
Night all, pleasant dreams.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Watchmen, Star & Shadow & New Stuff

The OH and I went to see Watchmen over the weekend. I enjoyed it he was a bit disappointed. I don't think I've ever been to see a film with so many single blokes in the audience.
It's a bit long but the effects, characters and costumes are fab. The opening credits are excellent, sets up the history for the film. Well worth a gander.

I went to a craft, art & flea market on Sunday at the Star & Shadow cinema in Newcastle. It has a great mix of stalls. Got a couple of fab things from Doris Illustrated. A fab glasses case and a quirky robot print which now has pride of place on the wall. Her stuff is colourful, quirky and she adds a twist to the norm. Found out afterwards that she's also the person who organises the market. Busy lady. If you're local the market is advertised on myspace.

I've added a few more things to my Folksy shop tonight (and one of them has sold already, yayyy!)

Liquorice allsorts necklace

Cupcake handbag charm

Off to make something else while I'm still feeling creative.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

New Etsy Items

Just added some new felt brooches to Etsy, a cute little Easter bunny and a Scotty dog.

Need to experiment with some different colours.

On a slightly different note, just been to see Gran Turino, Clint Eastwood is fab. He growls his way through the whole film, it'll be sad if the rumours are true and this is the last one he ever acts in.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

sock creatures

Am feeling very full at present after eating far too many pancakes. I was going to make some more bits and bobs but have a feeling i'm going to end up vegging with a book.
Chuffed cause I've had my first sales on Etsy and Folksy, two in two days, hope its a sign of things to come.
I've had a bit of a frenzy with some socks, stuffing and thread over the weekend. Am quite pleased with the results, not fantastic but okay for a first attempt.
So meet Ziggy and Pollyanna...

I've also added some felt brooches to Folksy, with more to follow soon.


Monday, 16 February 2009

Some of my jewellery

Cupcake Kitsch Necklace

Dinky Donuts Bracelet

Scary first blog

I'm sure after a few days I'll not be able to stop the verbal diaohrrea, but at present I'm feeling a bit shy being a Blog virgin and all. As well as being a newbie at all this I'm new to Folksy and Etsy. I've made jewellery and bits and bobs for friends and family for quite a while so I've decided it's time to inflict my creations on you lot, the public.
I'm going to be making and adding new stuff all the time and any kind of feedback would be muchly loved.
Off to make something out of some socks now ;-)